Greenhouse Raising

Like the good ‘ol fashioned barn raising of old, friends gathered at Abundance Acres on Sept 25th to help raise the hoops for the newest greenhouse. Many hands, and a mechanical lift, makes light work!

Harvest Celebration

What a beautiful, fall day to gather on September 24th and enjoy so many fall activities like: cider making, archery, crafts, popcorn, bottle rockets, face painting, doughnut catching/eating, hayrides, as well as out first Chile, Pie and Cornbread Cookoff!

A Walk through the Herb Garden

The herb garden has grown and changed a lot through the years. You can see when we first posted the herb garden here. Today we have over a dozen different herbs and flowers growing, such as: Herbs and flowers are always available in season for farm visitors to pick and enjoy. Ask us if there…

A view from the sky

This time of year the fields always look pristine. Crops are starting to fill out and the weeds are usually still kept in check! Looking at the work from above is sure satisfying! Enjoy this view from the sky above Abundance Acres.

How to Dry Herbs with a Paper Bag

Use scissors to cut a bundle (about 1 1/2 inches in diameter) of herbs. Using string bundle together the base end of the bundle and tie tightly. Take a paper bag that fits the length of the herb bundle. Cut slits, about 1 inch long, along all folds. Place bundle in bag with tied base…

Celebrate Spring – Eat a Salad

Our second distribution was cold and wet, but overall successful. We had a large harvest of various greens, such as lettuce, spinach, kale, bok choy – all plants that love growing in Vermont’s cool, wet spring. Though some of you may not be highly excited by such a ’fluffy’ share, we encourage you to celebrate…

Not possible without…

We are often struck by the color and variety on the farm during this season – the peak of growth in the Northeast. In celebration we have compiled pictures of some beautiful people and harvests around the farm these days. Abundance Acres would not be the organization we are without our many hard working, dedicated…

Rain, Rain

All this rain has put the ‘pause button’ on our crops. We have never had this much constant rain since we began farming, and many ‘ol-time Vermonter’s agree that this has been an abnormal amount of water. The raised beds in the fields look like islands of lush vegetation surrounded by water, and volunteers must…

Greenhouse Completed!

Thanks to all of the helping hands and those who contributed financially to replacing our collapsed Greenhouse this year. We have finally completed it and the tomatoes and peppers are now growing splendidly. Our original greenhouse collapsed last winter after an unprecedented snowfall.

Greenhouse Raising

Just like the old ‘barn raisings’ the community came together to help us lift 13 arches in place to construct our replacement 30’x50’ greenhouse that collapsed under the sudden 40” of snow that dumped during one storm this winter. While all is not yet complete having the arches in place gets us well on the…

Dry Summer

While the fields are thriving in this unseasonably warm and dry summer, they are at the expense of the pond. The water level has been dropping as each time we irrigate we use around 2500 gallons for the whole farm. Each time it rains we are thankful!

Planting Begins!

We are thankful for every sunny day we get as the ground is drying out after winter. Things are now dry enough to start planting some cold hardy transplants out! All our leeks and onions are now in the ground. Greenhouses are also starting to be seeded in preparation for our first harvests in June.