Spring Seedlings

Despite the 3″ of wet snow we woke up to today our seedlings are well underway and starting to spill over out of our sun room! We are slowly beginning their transition outside to the seedling house and as weather permits to the fields. It is always a touch and go time of year as…


Beautiful scenery is close at hand living and working around Abundance Acres! The trails are always open for walks and strolls. Come enjoy this small part of creation.

Volunteers 2019

Abundance Acres would be no where without its volunteers. We have many groups that come to help throughout the growing season. Some come once or twice, others come every week to help out. Enjoy a collage of various activities around the farm. Many hands make the work lighter! Thank you everyone. We couldn’t do it…

Serve 2019

A group called SERVE returned to Abundance Acres and the surrounding community to help with various projects. Middle school and High School kids helped on the farm in various projects and also ended their respective weeks with a campfire and evening gathering time down at the pavilion. Thanks SERVE for all your help at Abundance…

Chicken Harvest 2019

Our first chicken harvest of 2019 was a hit! We are excited this year to offer our chickens in shrink bags which makes them last longer in the freezer, look uniform and was a ton easier to package! Our average of 5.3lbs a bird is also perfect for roasting.

Spring Sunrise

I had to share this amazing spring morning lighting! The sun streaming through the new leaves almost looked like fall colors! Glorious morning to be alive!

Spring Volunteers

A group of students from Truthville Christian Academy in Grandville, NY visited the farm and helped out tremendously this month! We planted over 600ft of potatoes, manured and weeded several hundred feet of beds and spread chips on the paths in both greenhouses and strawberry beds! They were an awesome help! Thanks everyone!

Planting Helpers

A number of people of busy planting an transplanting on the farm! Here are a few of the hands hard at work!

SERVE Visit Abundance Acres 2018

SERVE visited and worked at Abundance Acres this summer. They helped with various projects on the farm, from weeding and bug picking to harvesting garlic and building benches! The even worked off site picking some donated blue berries for Abundance Acres these went into making some delicious preserves that are now for sale. At the…

Spring at last!

Winter has hung on this year! Fields are only just beginning to bear off from all the snow we received. This isn’t stopping the constant growth of tender seedlings in the sunroom and seedling house though! The lush green is a joy to see especially with the backdrop or white snow steadily reseeding.  

Maple Syrup 2018

This year was a record setting year! We tapped out the earliest we ever have on February 18th. The 300 taps produced enough sap to make a record breaking 68 gallons (previous record was 60)! With this sweet season now over we are still waiting for the rest of the snow to melt so we…

Colorful Harvest and Plentiful Helping Hands

This summer we have been blessed, not only by a bountiful, colorful harvest, but also by many helping, willing hands to pick and package the Abundance! Thank you to all who have contributed their time to harvesting, sorting, dividing and packaging the produce! Distribution would not have been possible with out your help!