Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

Are you interested in supporting a local farm and receiving weekly seasonal produce?
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Why Eat Local?

Do you like to know how your vegetables are grown?

In many ways eating locally has turned into a fad that has swept across the nation. As fads go…they fade over time. At Abundance Acres we have confidence that eating local is not just a fad, but is ultimately a way to increase local food security, invest in our community and be good stewards of precious resources.

It is also a great way to cultivate relationships which is one of our main goals at Abundance Acres. Get to know your community and the farmers who grow your food!

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We are inviting you to contribute to this Abundance Acres Share the Shares project - with shares being purchased to be given to others for whom fresh produce would be a blessing and come as a happy surprise. It is our hope that you will join us in something bigger than a charity - the opportunity to touch other lives for the good. We seek to fulfill our vision of growing good food as a service to others - and to the glory of God.

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A Resource for the Community

Abundance Acres is more than just a farm. We offer beautiful facilities for use and a variety of activities and a way for you to connect with your community.
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