Facilities at Abundance Acres are available for use upon request as available. Abundance Acre’s hope for the facilities and their amenities is that they would be a blessing to individuals, families and groups. They should be used in accordance with Abundance Acre’s vision to “create a setting for individuals, families and the community to pause, reflect and refocus their thinking; renewing lives and cultivating relationships between God, creation and each other.” If these facilities can help you, your family, church, or group with this goal in mind, please contact us to book one or more of our facilities.

Grace House

Grace House: The farmhouse which overlooks the farm’s two greenhouses, distribution shed and fields. Grace house has two bedrooms which are capable of sleeping 6 people total. A small kitchen, living room and full bathroom are also present. The basement also provides an additional room, laundry and bathroom with shower.

Pavilion: The center gathering place that overlooks the game field is the Pavilion. It contains four large picnic tables, two kid sized tables, a large indoor fire pit for cooking, a fridge, low amperage outlet, area lighting, running water, counter space, first aid kit, and fire extinguisher. The Pavilion is used to host a variety of community gatherings and events.


Cabins: Nestled in the woods and surrounding the game field are 4 unique cabins each with their own amenities. Toilet access, fire pits, running water are close at hand. One cabin has electricity. Cabins can sleep anywhere from 4-6 people in bunks.