The Vision of Abundance Acres is:

Abundance Acres is a non-profit organization 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization that bears witness to the abundant love of Christ by creating a setting for individuals, families and the community to pause, reflect and refocus their thinking; renewing lives and cultivating relationships between God, creation and each other.

Abundance Acres accomplishes renewing lives and cultivating relationships through two primary means:

  1. Operating an environmentally and financially sustainable farm:
    • that grows nutritious food that is provided to community members through a share arrangement with special considering given to families facing food scarcity.
  2.  Creating a center for individuals, families and youth that provides:
    • farm-based education and training in practical life skills, and a setting to explore and cultivate a Christian perspective and understanding of resource stewardship and ways of living with: the land, others and God.
    • Bible-based renewal and restoration of relationships through individual, marital and family counseling.
    • programs and events that invite neighbors and visitors to engage in community building and spiritual fellowship.
An Arial View
An Arial View

Started in 2013 Abundance Acres is a community ministry located in Andover, VT on Little Pond Road on land set aside for ministry purposes. The farm portion of the outreach is becoming a well established CSA and offers seasonal vegetable shares to the community as a ministry and a way to financially support the organization.

Apart from simply growing crops Abundance Acres will be a center for education, counseling and retreat and hopes to host a variety of community events.  Starting in 2016 weekly Family Fun Nights are held throughout the summer, providing a means for the community to gather and families to connect. You you are interested or have questions please contact us!

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  1. Wendy Schwarz says:

    My husband, Fran and I are interested in farming a share, or the working aspect of Abundance Acres, and thus become part of your CSA. We had built up gardens through the years at our old home in Chester. We don’t have a garden since moving into the lovely cabin on the Mark Gordon property. I especially enjoy gardening, and I hope we can be of use at Abundance Acres . We look forward to hearing from you and the options available. Thank you for this time.
    Sincerely, Wendy Schwarz

    1. Thank you Wendy for the interest in the farm work-share. We will be contacting you to see what might work out. -Jeffrey

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