Share the Shares

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We are inviting you to contribute to this Abundance Acres Share the Shares project – with shares being purchased to be given to others for whom fresh produce would be a blessing and come as a happy surprise. It is our hope that you will join us in something bigger than a charity – the opportunity to touch other lives for the good. we seek to fulfill our vision of growing good food as a service to others – and to the glory of God.

What is a “share”?

Brochure - PDF Version
Brochure (from 2014) – PDF Version
  • A share is a set amount of vegetables that are provided to shareholders. These are made available for weekly pickups.
  • Shares contain a variety of vegetables. All vegetables are grown on the farm and are freshly picked. For a full list of the vegetables growing in 2014 click here.
  • The type of vegetables available vary through the season. Early greens progress to beans and beets and the fall brings tomatoes and squashes.

What does a share cost?

  • One full share averages enough vegetables for a family of four for one week.
  • Shares will be available each week for 18-20 weeks during the growing season. Go to our Membership page for current prices.
  • The share price goes directly into the farm budget to support operating costs.

How does the project work?

  • By purchasing a share you will be allotted a weekly amount of vegetables.
  • You can personally pick up these vegetables and then deliver them to a family of your choice on a weekly basis. Alternatively if you don’t have a family in mind or don’t have time to deliver shares weekly, the project can find a family and make delivery arrangements.
  • The “Share the Shares” project not only hopes to provide families in need with healthy food options, but also hopes to foster relationships between the sponsor and recipients.
  • A weekly newsletter containing recipes and farm news will accompany the shares.

Our commitment to you!

We commit to:

Growing to the best of our ability so that we can provide you with the best produce we can, using natural techniques whenever possible.

Being flexible if you need special accommodations for a given week advanced notice would be appreciated.

Keeping you up-to-date about the farm and what to expect in shares.

When purchasing a share, you agree to the following:

Your payment entitles you to a weekly share of delightful produce.

It is your responsibility to pick up your share during the scheduled distribution (or have a friend do it).

You will share in the risks and rewards of the season with the farmers and other shareholders. Due to weather and other variables, you may receive more or less produce than you expect.