We find ourselves at Thanksgiving. Despite the unknowns and difficulties of this past year we give thanks and look forward with anticipation for what God has in store!


We were reminded recently at a small group we attend to be authentic in our lives. So here is a blog entry dedicated to being authentic. In so many of our posts and pictures we select the most exciting topics or most beautiful vegetables to feature. In reality we have daily struggles, pests, mistakes and…


While the recent wet weather has held us back from transplanting our overflowing seedling trays in the field, it has produced some breathtaking scenes. Saturday’s evening rain shower caught us off-guard, but also revealed God’s awesome creativity in this rainbow.

New Life

Planting seeds in the middle of February, while the snow is several feet deep and the promise of spring seems distant, is an act of faith. In general, scattering precious seeds onto bare soil at any time, is a deed of surrender. The seeds may or may not germinate. The work and money invested into…