Spring Sunrise

I had to share this amazing spring morning lighting! The sun streaming through the new leaves almost looked like fall colors! Glorious morning to be alive!

Snow and Thunder

While snow in May isn’t too uncommon in VT it always seems to catch us by surprise. Waking up to a winter wonderland this past week was surreal. No plants or seedlings were harmed by the cold weather, in fact snow after the ground has thawed is very beneficial since it contains amounts of nitrogen….

Spring at last!

Winter has hung on this year! Fields are only just beginning to bear off from all the snow we received. This isn’t stopping the constant growth of tender seedlings in the sunroom and seedling house though! The lush green is a joy to see especially with the backdrop or white snow steadily reseeding.  


While the recent wet weather has held us back from transplanting our overflowing seedling trays in the field, it has produced some breathtaking scenes. Saturday’s evening rain shower caught us off-guard, but also revealed God’s awesome creativity in this rainbow.