Bethlehem Walk

This Christmas Abundance Acres invited the community on a moonlit, self guided journey from cradle to cross. This walk through the candle lit trails consisted of 7 reflective stations with reading and activity focusing on the story of Jesus’ birth, culminating in His ultimate gift of His life given for us. The walk concluded with…

Epic Snow Storm

On December 16th we were hit with a historic snowstorm. Surrounding towns reported 40″ of snow in less than 12hrs. Although the snow was light and fluffy the weight was too much for our oldest 30’x50′ greenhouse which collapsed under the weight of the snow as it did not shed quickly enough. Fortunately, no equipment…

Snow Shoe Hike 2020

On a frigid evening in February just a few days before the full moon Abundance Acres hosted its second snow shoe hike. The trails were lined with log torches and the pavilion warmed the returning snowshoers with cider, hot chocolate and a fire. What a beautiful way to spend a winter evening!

Snow and Thunder

While snow in May isn’t too uncommon in VT it always seems to catch us by surprise. Waking up to a winter wonderland this past week was surreal. No plants or seedlings were harmed by the cold weather, in fact snow after the ground has thawed is very beneficial since it contains amounts of nitrogen….

Winter Cover

With snow now on the ground we are very thankful that everything is ready for winter. It was a rush to beat the frost and complete all the clean up tasks in order to make the farm ready for the next 6 months of cold! The winter rye in the new field germinated nicely and…