Pete the Keet

You may hear a new sound while visiting Abundance Acres this summer. Pete the Keet, our newest farm helper, is a Guineafowl. Guineafowl are an excellent form of pest control, catching and eating small rodents, insects and ticks, and we always thought it would be helpful to have them on our farm. But Pete joined…

A view from the sky

This time of year the fields always look pristine. Crops are starting to fill out and the weeds are usually still kept in check! Looking at the work from above is sure satisfying! Enjoy this view from the sky above Abundance Acres.

Farm Puppy

Coming to visit Abundance Acres now has another perk! Meadow, our new puppy is happily exploring the grounds, checking out the chickens and watching the fish jump in the pond. Come by and give Meadow a scratch behind the ears while receiving a farm tour!