First Distribution 2017

The summer distribution season of 2017 is finally here! We were awakened this morning by beautiful sunshine and blue skies. What a great way to start off the season especially due to the fact that the past few weeks have been filled with torrential and non stop rain. Even though mud boots were still a…

End of Season

In the midst of fall colors and cool mornings, the end of the Abundance Acres’ CSA season has come. We are thankful to God for a wonderful growing year and a bountiful harvest. Thank you to all our wonderful share members and volunteers for your support! We look forward to seeing you next growing season!

Potatoes – One to Another

This year we had the opportunity to play surrogate mother to about 20 lbs of potatoes from the Chester-Andover Family Center. In August volunteers from the Family Center joined us for the harvest. The volunteers returned to the center with 120 lbs of farm fresh potatoes!

First (and Second) Distribution!

The first and second distributions for 2015 have come and gone. Produce is becoming well established in the field and the greenhouse. This warmer and dryer spring has allowed for an earlier distribution than last year. While mainly greens are onĀ  the distribution board strawberries and garlic scapes are coming along nicely. Stop by, lend…

Getting Hungry?

Field work has been going non-stop for the past few weeks, getting soil ready, seeding, watering and transplanting. It is shaping up to be a great year as crops begin to take root. It has been a dry spring, but the irrigation system is keeping up and seeds are germinating with out too much extra…

Third Hand Cooler

Our vegetables are fresher than ever with the addition of a commercial cooler in our basement. Vegetables are now picked fresh in the early morning. Washed in ice cold well water. And then bundled and stacked in the cooler. The distribution table is replenished as needed.

Four Overseers

In a nest above the distribution table sit four young Eastern Phoebes. They have quite a view of the coming and going of produce and shareholders!

Anticipated First Harvest

Crops are bursting out of the ground (mainly in the Green house) adding color and life to the Abundance Acres’ gardens. We are very excited as we anticipate our first harvest and have taken pictures to depict what is in store.