Pie Pumpkin

Due to our limited space, we do not grow large carving pumpkins, or jack-o-lanterns, on our farm. We instead focus our attention on growing delicious pumpkins for eating. Our current favorite is the Long Pie Pumpkin, also known as Nantucket Pie. It is rated the absolute best pie pumpkin for cooking, with virtually string-less, smooth orange flesh.

Selection and Storage:

Long Pie Pumpkins are ripe when they show a orange spot in their dark green skin, but continue to ripen in storage, turning completely orange outside as flesh sweetens inside. Stored in cool, dry place, and they should keep all winter long.

Culinary Uses:

If you are looking as using your pie pumpkin for just that purpose – pies – then roasting or steaming flesh is the best way to preserve flavor and texture. Boiling pumpkin flesh will lead to disappointingly tasteless results.