The kitchen would be a lesser place without the sweet pungency of garlic. Garlic, with leek and onions, is a member of the Allium, or lily family. Both good, and good for you, garlic is an essential staple of every good cook’s larder.

There are many garlic varieties, which all have essentially the same flavor.

Garlic Drying

Selection and Storage:

Choose bulbs with firm cloves that show no signs of powdery mold or green sprouting. The paper shells should be crisp and crinkly to the touch. Store garlic in a dark, well-ventilated place.

Culinary Uses:

The simplest way to peel garlic is to lay the individual cloves on a board, place the flat side of a large knife-blade over each clove and administer a firm tap with the heel of your hand – the skin will then just pull off.