Celery is a somewhat utilitarian, underappreciated vegetable. It is one of those greens that most cooks have in their refrigerator, ending up chopped into a soup, a sauce or a salad. Personally I was never a fan of celery until we started growing it. Now we can’t get enough of it and are continually finding new ways we enjoy eating it!

Celery Stalks in the Field

Selection and Storage: Wrap celery stalks in aluminum foil and store in the crisper drawer of your refrigerator. Celery can store from 1-3 weeks.

Culinary Uses: To eat celery, try dipping the stalks in a variety of sauces, including peanut butter, hummus, cheese sauce, salad dressing, and yogurt. Additionally, you can make a meal centered around celery, such as celery soup or braised celery. Or add celery to a salad or stir fry, chop it into bite-sized pieces. Celery adds depth of flavor to any dish.

Information from: The Produce Bible by Leanne Kitchen