Moringa comes to VT

Moringa, a tropical tree that some call the ‘miracle tree’ is growing in our window sill overlooking a snowy spring scene. We fell in love with this plant during our time overseas mainly because it is great to eat, it is a prolific producer and it is packed full of goodness! Learn more about Moringa in two post written during our time in Laos (New, But Not Foreign and a video about Moringa in School Gardens). In December, Kaarina brought back a seedling from a visit to Florida and we have been babying it while we wait for warmer weather. Our hope is to grow it in a large pot during the summer in the greenhouse and then move it in doors or propagate cuttings from it in the fall.


The tropics meet wintertime!

Moringa is a leafy vegetable that is perfect cooked or eaten raw. It boasts many health and nutrition benefits (as you can read in the links above). It tastes somewhat like spinach when cooked. Whether or not we will ever be able to produce enough to offer as part of shares remains to be seen.