How to turn Lawn into a Lush Garden:


Laying out the Layers

-Grass clippings

How to:
This is only one of many ways to take sod and easily turn it into a lush garden.

  1. First you collect newspapers…lots and lots of newspapers. These are layered over grass that has just been cut short. Layer them 5-6 ply thick. The more the less likely weeds and grass will come up through the layers.
  2. Next before the wind blows all your work away, pile on the manure. Fresh is ok…just stinky! Slightly aged works well. Add this so that the newspaper is covered by 2-3 inches.
  3. Next sprinkle on freshly cut grass clippings (raked or collected from the rest of your lawn that is not yet garden!). Collect it after a mowing when there isn’t a lot of dandelion or grass gone to seed. It will take quite a bit. Lay it on heavy about 3-4 inches since it will decompose quickly. Keep adding grass clippings each time you mow to keep the weeds down.

If the manure is aged long enough plant herbs, flowers and the rest of your garden immediately. If the manure is still fresh wait a month or so. Your garden will grow lush and beautiful!