Fifty Friends of Abundance Acres

A Note from Abundance Acres Board Member Peter Farrar

Become one of Fifty Friends of Abundance Acres (FFOAA)

Our proposed platform and program has no officers and no meetings, but it does have a clear and important purpose: to quietly lay a floor (not a foundation for that is Christ) – a floor upon which the mission and ministry of Abundance Acres can stand and grow. The intent is, together, to meet some of the basic expenses required for Abundance Acres to simply exist and open its doors thus freeing up other monies for more active and creative uses – to the glory of God.

The first plank of this floor is regular, informed, and focused prayer. This requires that we keep up with what is going on at the farm and with other ministries as they develop – either from the website or in person, with eyes open to needs and minds open to new ideas and fresh visions. . .

Other planks are less dramatic, but also important and call for commitment and faithfulness.

I am a firm believer in many persons pitching in a little to achieve a great goal together. Therefore, I submit the following basic program for this non-organization:

To get things going — in lieu of dues — each FFOAA member shall contribute $20.15 to the general operating fund. This serves as a link to the mission and a reminder to pray – “For where your treasure is, there will heart be also” (Matthew 6:21).

Then, when exact amounts become known and are posted on the website and in the newsletter, each FFOAA member shall contribute 2% of the property taxes (municipal and school) on Abundance Acres. This does not come to an onerous amount of money for anyone (and it is spread out over the year), but it will be a real help in the ongoing and growing operation of Abundance Acres.

I am happy to be the first to pledge support to this plan – with the sincere hope there are 49 other persons willing to join in this aspect of the work.

Some other possibilities/suggestions a FFOAA might consider this year include: purchasing a fruit tree for the orchard; sponsoring ‘Share the Shares;’ taking responsibility for securing an item from the farm’s wish list; raising funds for a specific part of the ministry or capital improvement – maybe a greenhouse or a cabin?; and helping with weekly harvesting and/or delivery of shares – including visiting with recipients who are unable to come to the farm. . . Many possibilities for many hands and hearts to the glory of God.

Thank you for your prayerful and active sport of this exciting and God-honoring mission.

Respectfully submitted,


Peter P. Farrar

Abundance Acres Board Member
Andover, Vermont


If you are interested in becoming one of the “Fifty Friends” contact us!