Planting Helpers

A number of people of busy planting an transplanting on the farm! Here are a few of the hands hard at work!

Spring at last!

Winter has hung on this year! Fields are only just beginning to bear off from all the snow we received. This isn’t stopping the constant growth of tender seedlings in the sunroom and seedling house though! The lush green is a joy to see especially with the backdrop or white snow steadily reseeding.  

Squash Planting

Today, on the hottest day yet of the year, we spent the morning planting a variety of squash and pumpkins. These we plant off site on a near by picturesque hill top. Half of the field is planted with squash transplants while the other is seeded with a cover crop of buckwheat. Enjoy some pictures…


We’ve always wanted to try growing mushrooms, but never thought we would start them this year…that is until a catalog arrived in the mail, advertising mushrooms. We don’t usually buy things off the whim of mail advertisements, but the other ingredient to growing mushrooms was freshly available, cut logs. Since we recently cleared a section…

Green Sprouts

Even though it is the first week of March, seedlings are beginning to spring up in our basement. Onions are first on the list, 16 flats of various onions varieties bask in the grow lights and the warmth of the heat mats. Spring…here we come!