Celebrate Spring – Eat a Salad

Our second distribution was cold and wet, but overall successful. We had a large harvest of various greens, such as lettuce, spinach, kale, bok choy – all plants that love growing in Vermont’s cool, wet spring. Though some of you may not be highly excited by such a ’fluffy’ share, we encourage you to celebrate what Vermont has to offer this time of year. Yes, summer will soon come with its diverse and hearty garden crops, but right now is a great time to enjoy a fresh salad, bursting with flavor and textures! We have found that salads are much more fun when you add a delicious protein, grain and favorite dressing. You can find some of our family’s salad guidelines here… Man Salad!

What fun ways have you found to celebrate spring and eat a salad?

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  1. msilvt says:

    Hi. Love the salad. What fun!! Not sure the link it was in. Seemed to want me to sign up or join something, maybe Word Press or something? Uhhhh. Think I will stick to this email reply.

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