Not possible without…

We are often struck by the color and variety on the farm during this season – the peak of growth in the Northeast. In celebration we have compiled pictures of some beautiful people and harvests around the farm these days.

Abundance Acres would not be the organization we are without our many hard working, dedicated volunteers. The amount of work that goes into harvesting, washing and packaging produce each Wednesday is enormous. Thank you to each of you volunteers!

Did you know that Abundance Acres is a non-profit 501-c3 organization? There are no paid workers at Abundance Acres. All the labor on the farm and for event coordination is made possible by volunteers and donations. Would you consider volunteering at Abundance Acres?

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  1. Stan Visness says:

    Wow…what a harvest! We love all the pictures…and the picture of our beautiful Kaarina is a classic! 😊

  2. It looks like even though you had an abundance of rain the produce has done amazing!

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