Pea Tendrils

Pea tendrils, also known as pea shoots, are young pea plants harvested and eaten whole.

On our farm we soak pea seeds, then grow them cardboard boxes using expanded wood pellets as the medium. When they are done growing, simply throw they whole thing in the compost!

Growing Pea Tendrils

Selection and Storage: Place box on plate on sunny counter or window sill. Water when dry. Trim tendrils when they are between 2-3 inches tall. Then allow to grow again. Generally 2 to 3 cuttings can be taken before tendrils become woody.

Culinary Uses: Delicate pea tendrils taste like a cross between peas and spinach. They’re best used when freshly picked as they rapidly toughen and, like peas, lose their sweetness. They’re delicate and tasty when gently stir-fried, or can be enjoyed raw as a salad green. The shoots are very tender, so only cook for a short period of time.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. msilvt says:

    Thank you. Mine seems to need a pruning. Blocking the sunlight in a bay window.

  2. Robert Keene says:

    They have been yummy. How many ‘crops’ can I expect to have?

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