Man Salad

Man Salad

Jeffrey was never a fan of salads until this… rightly named ‘Man Salad’ as it keeps this man happily full until the next meal.

• Cooked grain (rice, quinoa, couscous…)
• Cooked protein (chicken, steak, meatballs)
• Roasted vegetables
• Sautéed onions and mushrooms
• Lettuce greens
• Crushed tortilla chips
• Cheese
• Fried or Hard Boiled Egg
• Creamy salad dressing

1. Create a bed of chopped lettuce. Layer with available toppings. It’s fun to experiment with different flavors and textures. Go crazy with what might be available in your fridge. Top with something crunchy, an egg cooked to your choice (a perfect fried egg is best!) and a creamy salad dressing to meld the flavors.
2. This is a salad that will not leave you hungry two hours later. 🙂

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