Tomato Winner of 2017!

Table at Andover Day

We have a winners for the best tasting and best looking tomato in 2017! Thanks to all our share members and all those who stopped by our booth at Andover Day for casting your vote! Remarkably it was close race for all the contestants and a tie for best tasting! Here is the line up:

Best Looking:
1st Indigo Rose (#4)
2nd Garden Peach (#3)
3rd Goldie Yellow (#2)
4th Cosmonaut Volkov (#1)
5th Cherokee Purple (#5)

Best Tasting:
1st Cherokee Purple (#5)
1st Garden Peach (#3)
2nd Goldie Yellow (#2)
3rd Indigo Rose (#4)
4th Cosmonaut Volkov (#1)

The Line Up
Moriah’s Booth

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