We were reminded recently at a small group we attend to be authentic in our lives. So here is a blog entry dedicated to being authentic. In so many of our posts and pictures we select the most exciting topics or most beautiful vegetables to feature. In reality we have daily struggles, pests, mistakes and crop failures. This year has certainly had its fair share! There are probably numerous reasons for many of the problems we are dealing with, sporadic weather, increasing pest pressure, a strangely warm spring and winter, a switch to a new potting mix, lack of experience, an infrastructure delay…the list could go on. We certainly try to learn and modify our techniques in response to adversity, but it is at times, hard to keep a positive outlook. We are reminded that all we are doing is for the glory of God, and it is our prayer that all of the vegetables that are produced would be a blessing to those receiving them! Enjoy this collage of pests and challenges around the farm:

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  1. James Stack says:

    The slug laced leaves sure do look pretty. I never knew there were so many stripped specialty bugs out there. I have to say that the ones I like the least are cut worms. They aren’t even attractive like the striped beetles. Nevertheless, you are doing a fantastic job. Thank you!!!

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