Tilling and Hilling

When we began to open up the new 100′ x 70′ field I dreaded the process of hilling the seed beds. This spring we hilled every bed by hand which was back breaking and tiring. Since then we’ve been looking for another method to do this labor, preferably mechanical and tractor drawn. Recently I stumbled across a youtube clip from a farm that used a very simple modification attached to the rear of a three point tiller.


Homemade Bed Hiller

It looked a little too simple to me, but I figured that it might be worth a try. In less than an hour a prototype was made and it was off to the field. On pass later and I was impressed! While the hiller didn’t make a perfect bed the first time around, after three passes a perfect 8 inch high by 32 inch bed was constructed!

Lining up for another pass
Near perfect 100′ beds

Now if only we can make another attachment that removes the rocks as well…

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