Rock Party!

Andover Community Church holds regular work days in the community and we were very blessed this past Tuesday to be recipients of one such gathering. Around 20 people showed up to help us pick rocks in our new 100′ x 70′ field expansion. Ages 2 and up joined in the fun and rocks of all sizes were harvested! A mini excavator was even on hand to remove those monsters that refused manual removal. In a mater of only a few hours the field was 100% better and we are looking forward to building beds and working in manure. We are eager to work this new plot in the coming year. Thanks to all those who helped pick rocks!

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  1. Dusty Knisely says:

    You are really going into the fall and winter with speed. Planning more units for next summer? Can only imagine what a great field you have now. When are the chickens ready for slaughtering? And do you sell almost all your eggs? That’s a lot of chickens.
    Are you turning Moriah into a real farmer? She is certainly growing and how’s the next one coming and how’s Kaarina doing? Can’t wait to see all of you in about a week! That’s the good news. Hugs, Grama and GG

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