Planting Time!

As much as we love snow, we were very eager to see it leave and the bare ground appear. The promise of spring is everywhere as bulbs of various kinds sprout. Bulbs of our own (Garlic) that we planted last fall is already showing its leaves.

Garlic Sprouts
Garlic Sprouts

The ground is still wet, but we were very pleased that our field was dry enough, in parts, to get the tractor out and till a few beds! Peas, early greens , carrots, beets and shallots all found their new home in the chilly spring soil.

Kaarina Seeding
Kaarina Seeding

Our daughter has accompanied us while planting and is slowly learning where to walk and where not to walk. “Don’t step on the baby seeds!” Although nothing has germinated yet we are hopeful that as the soil warms up we will soon see some green!


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  1. Ba says:

    The gift of the new life each spring leads to hope and the bounty of food! Blessings to you all. Can’t wait to do some weeding, Amma and Ba

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