First Greenhouse

We reached a monumental milestone on the farm this weekend! On November 29th we purchased our first greenhouse! It came second hand from a couple in Northern NH. On a frosty single-digit morning, four of us piled into a borrowed Suburban pulling an equipment trailer and buckled-up for the 3.5hr drive. The greenhouse was advertized for sale on and except for the distance from Andover, was the perfect design, size, age and price.

New Greenhouse!
New Greenhouse

With help from the owner, we dismantled the 50×30 structure, loaded it onto the trailer and in 5hrs were on our way back home. All of us are itching to set-up the new greenhouse and with weather expected to peak in the 40’s this week we might get our chance! The reconstruction might prove to be quite the puzzle, so tackling this project with the dismantlement fresh in our minds will be a plus.

Kaarina Labeling Poly Panels
Kaarina Labeling Poly Panels

Purchasing this greenhouse will also kick off our first fund raising initiative. A brochure aimed at creating support for the 2014 growing season is under development and will be available shortly.

Loaded and Ready to Go!
Loaded and Ready to Go!

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